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Dgroup Covenant

Our mission at Shades is to send transformed people to influence their world for Christ. We believe small groups offer a vital place where life-change happens. Therefore, DGroups provide intentional structure for transformational discipleship where we engage in gospel dialogue, transparent friendships, and seeking the lost.

To this end, I commit to the following:

  • To be present at weekly meetings.

  • To pray weekly for the other members of the DGroup.

  • To pursue gospel dialogue, transparent friendships, and seeking the lost.

  • To contribute to a culture of honesty; free of shame and rooted in the grace of Jesus.

  • To regularly attend corporate worship and Sunday School.

  • To build at least one relationship with someone far from God with the purpose of sharing the gospel with them before the end of the DGroup.

  • To host and participate in two Eleos Parties per semester.

  • To reproduce what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown by co-facilitating a Freshman group when this DGroup finishes.

    I have considered my current responsibilities and availability and want to commit to this DGroup and the people who will also join in this journey. Together with them, I commit to meeting with God, connecting with others, and living with purpose in this context, trusting Jesus and his Spirit to shape me into greater likeness of Christ.

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