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WBS - Precepts Genesis AM

Join us in D623
Women's Bible Studies
Monday, August 26, 2019 - all day
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Main Campus
2017 Columbiana Rd
Birmingham, AL 35216-2117
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Have you ever wondered how the world was really created, or how man came into being, or does it really matter what the Bible has to say on the subject? Does science differ from or have a quarrel with the biblical account of Creation? Or perhaps, is the quarrel really with the theories of men? Genesis is the book of the foundation of all biblical revelation. This in-depth course will teach us to know our Creator in deeper ways. We will also gain insight into who we are in relationship to our Maker. But most of all, we will see Redemption, the thread which begins in Genesis and is woven through the entire fabric of God’s revelation. As a result, we will learn how to view ourselves, our world, and our entire lives through the truths established in this precious book. Please purchase your books prior to the first meeting.
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